It's Soup Season! Tips and Tricks for Comforting One-Pot Recipes

Let the shift into soup season commence: Fall and winter are no doubt the best times of the year to make one-pot soups. The chilly weather and hearty harvest season vegetables set the scene for a hot bowl of nutritious food. And with recipes like soup, it’s easy to pack in the veggies and protein among savory flavors.

Soul Satisfying Soups

At the least, take a chance one a week or so to clean out the fridge and cook it all into a soup. Redirect those veggies on their last legs to the soup pot along with aromatics (probably at least an onion) and your broth of choice. Delicious and comforting, soups can be made to fit any dietary preference: Easily vegan, vegetarian, or paleo-friendly. 

There’s something especially cozy about soul satisfying soups with autumnal flavors. Pureed butternut squash soup, or a late-season tomato and carrot soup are delicious. Same goes for herbed laced autumn soup like creamy roasted pumpkin soup with rosemary or vegetable wild rice vegetable soup. Most of these are likely to start with a savory base of sauteed onion and garlic. And the longer you simmer, the stronger the flavor.

Soup Toppings

Some people are averse to pureed and other soups because they lack a variety of textures. To make your soup recipes extra delicious and with a little bite or crunch of something on top.

  • Crispy fried chickpeas
  • A blend of chopped herbs: like basil, chives, and parsley
  • Everything but the bagel seasoning
  • Croutons (they’re not just for salads!)
  • Cheese crisps
  • Tortilla strips or fried wonton strips
  • Roasted nuts or seeds like pepitas
  • Crispy bacon

These are just a few examples of crunchy and flavorful toppings for your soups. Get creative and use whatever is on hand and makes sense for your recipe. You can also top your soup with something creamy or flavorful like a drizzle of infused olive oil, pesto, coconut cream, or tahini.

One Pot Recipes

Dump and bake and one pot recipes are another cozy fall favorite. Similar to soups, one pot recipes can be fit with everything-but-the-kitchen-sink, the whole kit and kaboodle. Stir fries or stews with veggies, meat, and seasonings can clear out the fridge in a breeze. Casseroles and baked dishes like pasta are an easy, traditional comfort food (the OG one-pot recipes!). And one-pot pastas like one pot pasta with spinach tomatoes are trendy and flavorful. We love how these recipes save on dishes and require little babysitting. Just throw it all in and let it go!