Cozy Fall Date Ideas: With Your Honey or Simply Solo

The leaves are falling, the sky is mostly gray, and a breeze brings a bite of cold into the air: Falltime has begun. As the seasons change and we cozy into a new routine, there’s plenty to see and do for a new adventure. Let’s celebrate the change in seasons with new and old activities for fun dates — Whether that’s with your significant other, the kiddos, or off on your own. Make it a whirlwind day or weekend with a slate of things to do or see that comes around with each fall season.

Fall Date Ideas

Take yourself or your honey on a date to appreciate the season and enjoy quality time. Pumpkin patch visits are a classic. Same goes for apple picking and cider pressing. These fall activities make use of seasonal produce and help connect you to the source of your food! In general or if you’re going solo, try some of these date ideas:

  • An afternoon picnic: Sweater weather shouldn’t stop ya! Check out our blog about autumn afternoon picnicking and soak up the colors of the wind.
  • A colorful drive through back country roads or forests: Watch the leaves change color and drop off into the distance. Roll the windows down for a refreshing breeze.
  • Seasonal dining: Support a local restaurant —Preferably one with a rotating menu— and munch on seasonal dishes like those with squash, woody herbs, and apples.
  • A night in: Cozy up on a rainy day for puzzle making and charcuterie snacking. Build your version of a cheese board and relax with movies, too!

Dates With Significant Other or Friends

There’s tons to do year-round when adventuring out with your friends or significant other. In the autumn especially, take your pick from a variety of harvest season activities! 

Apple picking and cider pressing

A seasonal classic — Especially in Washington state. Apples are aplenty and picking them yourself brings you closer to your farmer neighbors and the source of your food.

Wine and paint

Browse somewhere like Pinterest to pick a fall scene like with pumpkins and warm leaves to try painting. Sip your favorite red or white blend as you tune into your creative side.

A baking adventure

Bake it up with pumpkin spice, apple, or other seasonally inspired flavors. Pumpkin muffins and apple cider donuts, anyone?

Cozy cabin weekend

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re lucky enough to have access to cozy cabins throughout the region. If you’re likely to be close to a forested area with cabins for rent, this is the time to go for it!

Pumpkin carving and decorating

What’s more seasonal than pumpkin decorating? Head to your local farm or pumpkin patch and carve or decorate to your heart's content— Try using acrylic paint or glue for embellishments like googly eyes, fabric, and more (this is where you can really get creative!).

Days with the Kiddos

Coming up with new and exciting things to do with the kids and family can sometimes be a struggle. But when the seasons change and there are new activities to try, we encourage you to get adventurous with days spent with the kids. New-to-you or classic autumn traditions build comforting memories for the kiddos and help connect you to the nature and world around us.

Fun fall activities for both the kids and you to enjoy? Check and check. We’re thinking adventures like:

A walk in the park (featuring a jump in the leaves)

A simple stroll in the park followed by a big jump into a pile of orange and yellow leaves? Sign us up! The kids in all of us are sure to appreciate the beautiful warm colors found in a falltime park. 

DIY caramel apples

A caramel apple bar gives way to creativity and individuality when set up with a variety of toppings. Make your own caramel, like (paleo caramel made with coconut milk). Then, slice the apples as desired and let the kids make their own. Roll your caramel apples into toppings like coconut shreds, chopped nuts, chocolate chips, and more.

Fall arts and crafts

The internet is full of ideas for fall-themed arts and crafts for the kids to try. DIY leaf prints are one idea for a seasonal craft project that only works when there are extra leaves to trace.

Pumpkin picking

And all its associated activities. Harvest festivals and seasonal farms are sure to set up pumpkin picking guides and festivities. Think hayrides, corn maze, and cider pressing, to go along with pumpkin picking.