Cooking for Mother’s Day

For many people and families, cooking with mom is a go-to way to spend Mother’s Day. It’s a great time to bond over food, experiment with new recipes, and treat the moms in your life to a tasty meal. This year for Mother’s Day, we encourage you to celebrate the mom or parent in your life with the personal and rewarding gift of lovely home cooking.

Cooking with Mom

Cooking with mom is a time to connect and slow down while even learning something new from each other. The heartwarming gesture of nourishing your parent is sure to tug on their heart strings. This goes for mom, dad, or any other parent figure in your life: For those without moms in their life, these same ideas and activities should ring true with appreciating family and even close friends in general.

If your family has a batch of traditional or nostalgic recipes, cooking with mom is an extra special way to honor them. Grab the opportunity to make the whole meal, or if she insists on cooking, at least try to take the prep off her hands! If you always cook the same thing, maybe take this chance to make something new and different for your mom or parent. Especially if she always does the cooking— Thanks Mom!

Mother’s Day Recipes

Cooking delicious Mother’s Day recipes is one way to feel close and honor the mom in your life: This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 8. Situated nicely in the middle of the spring season, some people might feel inclined to cook seasonal dishes with fresh spring produce. The holiday is perfect for brunch al fresco or dinner from the grill— And if you do want to cook up something new and unique for your mom, we have a few fun suggestions for Mother’s Day recipes to try:

Or, take a peek at Salt + Thread’s own recipes for more inspiration, like some of these:

Ways to Celebrate Family

In addition to cooking tasty food to munch on, other ways to celebrate family and mom can be just as relaxing and rewarding. There’s a good chance simply spending quality time together and sometimes doing other activities is all your family wants! Other than just hanging out, mom might appreciate it if you help her out around the house, plant some lovely flowers in the yard, or even tackle her to-do list. This is nice if you’re celebrating a friend or spouse that’s a parent, too.

If you tend to grab a bouquet of flowers for such family holidays, we also like the idea of giving living flowering plants to mom (the gift continues giving as the flowers blossom) or a bouquet you assembled yourself. Same goes for DIY gifts like herbal body products like whipped body butter.

It’s actually super easy to mix up— We have a 2-4 ingredient recipe for whipped body butter along with other ideas for DIY body products in Salt + Thread’s blog all about pungent and functional herbs! These different ways to say “I love you” to the important women in your life will help them feel properly appreciated and adored by the end of the day.